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  • Youth Football Defensive Playbook
    $30.00 Youth Football Defensive Playbook
    This defense easily allows your players to run an odd and even front defense with no confusion because "Alignment doesn't change Assignment".  The playbook will show how to align to every offensive formation using 1 or...

  • Playbook & Installation Manaul;  Tackling & Pursuit Drills DVD; Youth Even Front Defense DVD;  Youth Odd Front Defense DVD
    $75.00 Youth Football Defensive Pack
    3 DVDs and a playbook that has everthing a youth coach from 3rd to 9th grade could ever need.  Odd & Even Fronts, How to Teach Tackling, and all the alignments, drills, blitzes, and stunts drawn up. Tackling and...

  • Install the 6-2 Defense for youth football including on field video of tackling drills
    $19.99 Championship Youth Football Even Front Defense
    Play even front defense with the benefit of a nose tackle and an angle scheme that confuses youth blocking schemes Develop a bend but don't break mentality that shuts down the big play Use linebacker blitzes to create havoc...

  • Team Defense (2008 clinic)
    $20.00 $10.00 Team Defense (2008 clinic)
    3-3 Stack, 4-4, and defending multiple sets with 1 defense.Allen Shaw of Tulare Union HS explains his 3-3 stack using powerpoint & game cutupsAndy Siegal of Southern Miss goes thru his 4-4 defensive schemes.retired head...

  • Team Defense (2009 clinic)
    $20.00 $10.00 Team Defense (2009 clinic)
    3-3 and 4-4 defenses, along with punt coverages.Eric Johnson of Occidental College explains his 3-4 schemes.Tim Randle talks about the Clovis East 4-4 Swarm defense.Cal Poly SLO draws up their punt coverages.