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  • 10-DVD Double Wing Package
    $200.00 $100.00 10-DVD Double Wing Package
    10 DVDs covering Double Wing from the 2011 Wings & Things Clinic. JERRY VALLOTTON: Tweaking the Double Wing;  Play Action Passing;  Attacking Gimmick DW Defenses. TIM MURPHY: Shotgun Double Wing; ...

  • 3 DVD Pistol Package - Matt Bechtel
    $75.00 $25.00 3 DVD Pistol Package - Matt Bechtel
    Riverside Clinic talk on Zone Read, Inside Run, and Passing Game.Matt Bechtel is the head coach at Colony HS, a SoCal semi final playoff team. He is also an ex-college coordinator.

  • 3-DVD Jerry Vallotton Package
    $75.00 $25.00 3-DVD Jerry Vallotton Package
    Get Coach Val's talks on Tweaking the Wing, Passing, & Attacking DW Defenses.

    $159.99 $129.99 4-2-5 INSTALLATION PACKAGE
    Get the complete set of 4 DVDs: Installation, DL, ILB, OLB & DB. Savings of $55 !!! Also the 200 page playbook and the 75 page tackling-pursuit manual.

  • 4-2-5 Multiple Defense 3-Pack
    $55.00 4-2-5 Multiple Defense 3-Pack
    Shut down your opponents by robbing their tendencies and their best players Teach your defense how to distinguish between the inside and outside zone plays Identify specific tendencies of the Wing-T by formation so you...

  • 4-DVD Derek Bub 3-3 Stack Package
    $100.00 $35.00 4-DVD Derek Bub 3-3 Stack Package
    LB Reads; Stunts & Blitzes; Coverages; On Field Demonstrations.Derek Bub of Chino Hills CA has 4 DVDs covering his talks in Riverside. LB Reads & Fits out of 30 Stack Alignment; Stunts & Blitzes from all positions; Cover...

  • 4-DVD Don Markham Package
    $50.00 $35.00 4-DVD Don Markham Package
    Get Don Markham's three talks and Myron Miller's one talk in one package.

  • 4-DVD Justin Garza Package
    $50.00 $35.00 4-DVD Justin Garza Package
    Get all four of Justin Garza's talks on the Pistol Offense

  • 4-DVD Rick Jones Package
    $80.00 $60.00 4-DVD Rick Jones Package
    Three Spread Offense Topics and an overview of Program OrganizationIncludes Spread Offense Installation DVD, Screen Game DVD, Game Planning DVD, and Overview of Program Organization from a coach who has won over 225 games...

  • 4-DVD Vista Murrietta Package
    $100.00 $50.00 4-DVD Vista Murrietta Package
    Get all 4 DVDs on one of the top programs in Southern CaliforniaSpecial Teams DVD, Weekly Defensive Organization DVD, How To Coach Effort DVD, On Field Drills DVD, and 4-3 Defense Adjustments & Blitzes.

    $160.00 $80.00 8-DVD PISTOL PACKAGE
    8-DVD set includes all Pistol Topics by Justin Garza, Matt Bechtel, and Paul GollaJUSTIN GARZA: Advantages of the Pistol; Inside Zone; Horn Series; Play Action Passing. MATT BECHTEL: Zone Read Run Game; Inside Run; 3 & 5...

  • A-Z Gang Green Defensive Package from Youth to High School
    $460.00 $300.00 A-Z Gang Green Defensive Package from Youth to High School
    FAST – PHYSICAL – SMART Your Players Can’t Play FAST if They Are Thinking   Blend the 4-4, 4-2-5, and 3-4 Defenses Together Through an Amazingly Simple Concept ! Your Front 6 Never Change Jobs or...

  • This package has everything that Stewart has made on the Pistol Wing T.  A total of 20 DVDs and 4 Books at a price of $20 apiece.  And as a bonus includes FREE SHIPPING and 1-year subscription to Pistol Wing T HUDL account.  A savings of over $200 !!!
    $450.00 A-Z Pistol Wing T Package from Youth to High School
    This package has everything that Stewart has made on the Pistol Wing T.  23 DVDs, 4 books, access to the HUDL account, and Stewart's new interactive playbook for the ipad.  This interactive book has text, diagrams,...

  • All 17 CenCal DVDs
    $250.00 $150.00 All 17 CenCal DVDs
    Get all 17 DVDs and 49 speakers from the past CenCal clinics.Team Building; Program Organization; Special Teams; QB/WR/RB Drills (2008); QB/WR/RB Drills (2009); Passing Game (2008); Passing Game (2009); Offensive Line clinic...

  • Any 3 CenCal clinic DVDs
    $30.00 $25.00 Any 3 CenCal clinic DVDs
    Choose any 3 of the CenCal clinic DVDs (9 speakers!)

  • Any 6 CenCal clinic DVDs
    $60.00 $50.00 Any 6 CenCal clinic DVDs
    Choose any 6 CenCal DVDs (18 speakers!)

  • Attack Defenses Package with Pistol Wing T
    $180.00 $109.99 Attack Defenses Package with Pistol Wing T
    Save $70 by buying all 4 of Stewart's ATTACK DVDs which comes with two free bonus DVDs of Pistol Wing T Game film This package has ALOT of gamefilm and is DVD chaptered for easy searching. Pistol Wing T Game Film...

  • Four Manual Package
    $80.00 Four Manual Package
    PLAYBOOK: Over 70 plays with detailed blocking rules vs four defenses (4-4, 4-3, 3-3, and 3-4).   All the footwork for the three running backs and the QB are diagrammed for each play.  Run plays...

  • Offensive LINE Package
    $95.00 $60.00 Offensive LINE Package
    Three DVDs and a complete O-Line Manual. Rick Stewart's 68-page O-Line Skills & Drills Manual.  Blocking Rules, Installation Sequence, and Practice Schedules ($25 retail). Rick Stewart O-Line DVD....over 2 hours...

  • Pistol Wing T Installation Package
    $190.00 $139.99 Pistol Wing T Installation Package
    Get Four Pistol Wing T DVDs and the Playbook is FREE !!!   Pistol Wing T Overview DVD:  Formations, terminology, overview of run & pass game footwork, and summary of practice drills & plans to install...

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